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Founder & Head Designer
Nini Massey

My love of designs has always been in my heart.  After graduating  at the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!!), I've had many opportunities to create wonderful floral designs and arrangements for friends, family & many many brides, among others. 


Before long, I believed it is only by the leading of God, I naturally saw that this passionate love for design & hospitality can be more so to share for everyone that gives us opportunity.  So with this in mind, Beyond Floral was launched officially in 2007, after several years of serving only friends.


While floral design is my first love, event planning & coordination came naturally, even organically, as consulting with many brides in the design process led to their requesting then all of me- for their life-long special event.  Encouragement & inspiration from past clients made becoming Planner & offering Planning services to others an easy fit for Beyond Floral.  If trusted as your planner, I see myself more of an extension of your voice, plus having a keen attention to detail and an eye for style, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and relax while Beyond Floral takes all the hard steps in bringing your vision to reality on the BIGGEST, memorable day:  Celebrate love well!

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